Napapiiri Organics is launched – in Finland

“Napapiiri Organics” is the joint brand that we have developed in the Organic Food Finland export group. It is a new brand developed for export but it is also an attempt to extend the cooperation between our companies into brand-building. So instead of each company developing its own brand we do it together. The brand is based on the strengths of Finnish organic products – be they cultivated or wild-picked – the strong connection Finns have to nature and the Nordic image. For more visit the Napapiiri organics web-site.

The first products that have been developed in the brand are the berry-based sugar-free jams (bilberry, mountain cranberry, wild cranberry, cloudberry, sea buckthorn and Tarya’s mix). These have been on the Finnish market since last summer through the organic wholesaler Makrobios. but now they are actually launched in the supermarket multiples. The Prisma hypermarkets, larger S-Supermarkets, Stockmann department stores and Euromarket hypermarkets will have the products in their range starting 1st May. We’ll see soon enough how our export concept works on the domestic market. The Napapiiri Organics Cloudberry jam already won the “Organic Product of the Year” price in Finland in February.

On the export side our main focus is the UK where we will be presenting the Napapiiri Organics jams at the Natural Products show on Community Foods stand giving tastings etc. Also other Napapiiri Organics products which are in the pipeline are presented: the berry flavored oatmeal pouches (bilberry, sea buckthorn) and dried sugar-free berries (bilberry, mountain lingonberry). We are also focusing on Sweden and we are already selling to Malaysia.

Picture: our key account manager Lhassan El Farkoussi besides the Napapiiri Organics showcase at BioFach in February.