New companies in Organic Food Finland

Organic Food Finland is an Export Group specialised in exporting organic products from Finland. The best short way to describe our activity is that we (Erkki & Lhassan) act as outsourced organic export managers for the companies involved. We always represent the companies directly as the companies Export Manager would – we don’t trade in their products.

This makes sense because exporting organic products is a special field of activity and as a business different from the companies’ domestic business. We at OFF have long experience and deep understanding of organics and the organic market and good networks which we constantly develop. The companies benefit from this and in the end of the day also customers benefit. OFF is your contact point for organic products from Finland!

Each year we talk with new companies about joining the group. These might be organic food manufacturers who feel they should expand into export or mainstream manufacturers who think of expanding into organics. This year two new companies decided to join the group. Both happen to be on the Finnish West Coast:

Boströms Bakery is a bakery company specialised in swiss rolls, muffins, cakes and cookies for which it has highly efficient production lines. Recently they have developed organic muffins which will be the starting point for the organic export activities. The delicious muffins come in three tastes: chocolate, vanilla and lemon but more flavours can be developed as requested. The products can be marketed both as private label to retailers and as branded products.

Greenfinn’s fantastic products bring us an extension in the berry line where Maustaja with jams and Kiantama with wild berries are already represented. Greenfinn’s products are 100% cold pressed juices made from the nutrition-rich berries from Finland. Most noteworthy, Greenfinns is a pioneer in organic Sea Buckthorn which is organically farmed by them, but the range includes also wild bilberry, mountain cranberry (lingonberry), wild cranberry, black currant and aronia juices. The products will be marketed under the Napapiiri Organics brand.

8 companies participate in Organic Food Finland at the moment: please visit our web-site for more information.

Bad weather

Two years in a row led us to think that the greenhouse effect means that summers in Finland are ideal for holidays but a little too dry for farming. This summer shows that it is not as simple as that: First we had a dry spring which meant that only cereal fields that were sown early enough sprouted normally and got a good start while the rest – and that means most – didn’t sprout until the first rain came along a few weeks later. Then we got a rainy and relatively cool summer – which definitely was not ideal for holidays – and meant slow development of the crops. (Personally I was in the north of Norway, Sweden and Finland most of July with day-temperatures between 12-15 C. So not too warm but that is not why you go in that direction anyway. Have a look at my picture blog.)

So now it is already September and only a fraction of the cereals have been harvested. Nothing has been lost yet but if it rains too much we loose quality and in the worst scenario the farmers will not be able to harvest. Well – we are hoping for an Indian summer…

On Monday and Tuesday we were driving around ‘Pohjanmaa’ on the Finnish west coast, the weather was half-cloudy and nice and harvesters were to be seen almost on all fields. But it was mainly barley and some rye that was harvested: wheat and oats still have to wait. So not much to be said about availability or prices of organic milled products yet (oat flakes, wheat flour etc). Of course the weather has the same effect on the other crops: potato, rape seed and even wild berries. Everything is a few weeks late.