My Opening Speech at the Nordic Joint Stand area at BioFach 2010

Hyvät kuulijat…

The Danish opening speaker Evald Vestergaard spoke Danish and Mona Hedenskog spoke Swedish so I of course started my speech in Finnish. I could see the Finnish listeners laughing and the others also laughing in confusion. Well, I did switch to English after the first few sentences…
Ladies and Gentlemen
Back in 1997 the Nordic countries was region of the year at BioFach. After that we have drifted apart even though there has been discussions about a Nordic joint stand almost every year. Not until 2009 did Finland and Sweden join forces with a joint stand area in Hall 3. Now in 2010 all four Nordic countries are together under “Nordic Organics”. I think there are many good reasons to do so. We have a common culture, values and history… Some might add language to the list but as we noticed in the beginning of my speech, there might be some problems there. Finnish is a totally different language. But some theories say that 2000 years ago the population in all Nordic countries spoke Finnish, before the germanic languages came from the south – so actually there was a common language.
To continue the list: the pure nature and harsh climate are an important part of the Nordic climate. Of course in more northern parts of Norden – like Finland – this is more true than in the more southernly parts. Farming systems are similar and the food culture. And the high percentage of organic farming in all Nordic countries not to mention the well developed organic market especially in Denmark and Sweden. Looking from other parts of the world Nordic countries have a strong positive image that we should use to our advantage.
The Nordic stand area also gives us opportunities to know each other better, strengthen the Nordic network and to do more business together.
The Nordic Restaurant and Tapas bar is this years great achievement and we expect a lot of it. We are very pleased with the cooperation with the Danish Food Council and the funding from the Nordic Council. Especially pleased I am about the funding we received from the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, which was arranged with astonishing flexibility and speed and enabled us to have also Finland’s ambassador chef Kim Palhus here with us presenting New Nordic Food (Ny Nordick Mat) with a Finnish kick.
Have a great Nordic BioFach 2010!

Organic Finnish food served at BioFach 17.–20.2.2010

Press Release 12.2.2010
Organic Finnish food served at BioFach 17.–20.2.2010
BioFach in Nuremberg, Germany, is the world’s leading exhibition for organic products. Finnish companies have joined forces with other Nordic countries to exhibit their products at a joint pavilion. The “Nordic Organics” area will also include an organic kitchen and restaurant hosted by the Finnish Ambassador Chef Kim Palhus.
“We will serve the best examples of Finnish organic food in the Nordic restaurant”, says Mr Kim Palhus, Ambassador Chef of Finland and the Chef of the Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre. “Everything will be prepared with pure Nordic ingredients. Despite the cold winter season, our Finnish kitchen boasts clean and savoury ingredients like root vegetables as well as grain and berry products and many other organic products of the Finnish BioFach-exhibitors. I’m happy to help promote the New Nordic Kitchen as well as the export and marketing efforts of Finnish organic food producers.”
Finnish organic food is among the best of the world
“All the Finnish companies joining the Nordic pavilion at BioFach are devoted and energetic advocates of organic products focussing on the development of their products and their activities. They are small and middle-sized companies who formed an export group”, says the CEO and Export Director of Organic Food Finland, Mr Erkki Pöytäniemi.
Organic Food Finland is an export group managing the overseas selling of organic goods from nine participating companies. Their trade volume to Nordic countries, Western Europe and the Far East amounts to nearly four million Euros.
The yearly export of Finnish organic goods totals some 14 million Euros. Grain is the most important product. About 6.5 per cent of the Finnish field area is currently certified as organic with the proportion being on the rise. Finland is among the three biggest producers of organic oats in Europe. The yield of organic oats and wheat is higher than needed for national consumption. The Finnish export of organic oats is among the highest in the world with prices being very competitive. Organic oats is exported increasingly in the form of flakes.
Come and see the unforgettable Nordic pavilion
For the first time at Biofach the Nordic expertise in organic production is presented on this scale. “The Nordic cooperation started last year with Finland and Sweden having a common stand. After long negotiations we also got Denmark and Norway to join us. Denmark is one of the most important organic producers in Europe and together all the four countries are set to make an impact”, says the Finnish representative of BioFach, Mr Arto Varanki from Spokesman Events Oy, who coordinates the Nordic pavilion and the Finnish participation.
“The Nordic pavilion is an excellent approach for Finnish companies to present themselves to international markets and to network with visitors and other exhibitors. For BioFach visitors the Nordic pavilion is a unique concept well worth visiting, particularly with its magnificent kitchen and restaurant offering top quality organic goods”, Varanki points out.
BioFach is now in its 2ist year. Last year it brought together 2,733 exhibitors and 46,771 trade visitors from 119 countries.
The Finnish exhibitors welcome journalists to their stands (joint stand 1-410 and Viiniverla stand 4A-415) as well as to the Nordic kitchen and restaurant (stand 1-604).
For further information please contact:
Mr Erkki Pöytäniemi, Organic Food Finland, +358 50 550 5225,
Mr Arto Varanki, Spokesman Events Oy, +358 40 544 5598,
Kim Palhus, Hanasaari, +358 40 484 8123,
The Finnish Exhibitors at BioFach 2010:
E. Boström Ltd, Annika Boström, +358 40 5462888,
– organic muffins
Greenfinn’s Ltd, Kari Saari, +358 6 861 2540,
– organic 100 % juices from Nordic berries
Helsinki Mills Ltd, Ulla Heiskanen, + 358 9 2716 9225,
– organic flour and flakes
Keskisen Mylly Ltd, Markku Vitikainen, +358 3 471 6532,
– organic buckwheat pasta and other buckwheat products
Kiantama Ltd, Annikki Kyllönen, +358 201 442 251,
– organic Nordic berries
Napapiiri Organics, Marja Nuora, +358 50 586 2697,
– organic jams
Nordic Koivu Ltd, Susanna Maaranen, + 358 40 523 7348,
– organic Nordic birch sap for consumers and industry
Viiniverla Ltd, Juha Kuronen, +358 40 530 9224,
– organic berry wines
– stand nr 415 is situated in hall 4A
Virgino Ltd, Perttu Korolainen, +358 750 0300 100,
– organic cold pressed rape seed oil