ViiniVerla has redesigned itself

We have had very positive feed-back about the taste and quality of the ViiniVerla liqueurs, the sparkling wines, table wines and not least the Verlados – the calvados type spirit. But the design of the labels was lacking. Now that problem has been fixed with a new and modern design on all labels. The labels are also flexible in that the back-label can always be printed separately for each order thereby enabling labeling in any language and meeting the requirements of national legislation.

The uniqueness of the ViiniVerla products is in the nordic superberries that are used in their production. The liqueurs – which are not overly sweet as many liqueurs are – are based on cloudberry, cranberry, billberry, lingonberry and sea buckthorn among others. They have a delicious flavour of the wild picked berries.

On the other hand the sparkling wines are produced respecting the traditional Champagne method. Therefore it takes 3 years to produce which makes planning not a little challenging. The sparklings are made of gooseberry and different varieties of currants.

Also the table wines make great company for dinner. These are probably some of the best berry and fruit wines around.

The Verlados is a special story. It is made of Finnish organic apples using the Calvados method. Of course the word Calvados shouldn’t be used because this spirit is produced in Verla, not in France. But the product has received lots of praise from those who have tasted it. It is available as up to 8 years old.