New research gives further proof of healthiness of rape seed oil

The new press release from Helsinki University “Canola-type rapeseed oil reduces the level of fibrinogen, a leading cause of thrombosis and inflammation” explains the importance of lowering blood fibrinogen levels for human health. Using just 1 spoonful of Finnish spring turnip seed oil (Brassica rapa ssp Oleifera) decreased all higher-than-average fibrinogen levels by approximately 30 per cent in the research subjects.

At Virgino the healthiness of Finnish rape seed oil has been known for years. Virgino produces the highest quality cold pressed oil which means that apart from the beneficial fatty acid composition and high levels of Omega-3 the oil also contains all the vitamins, enzymes and lecithin which are lost in refined oil. The importance of consuming your food as unrefined as possible can not be stressed enough. Oil refining destroys the valuable protective substances in the oil. Lecithin for example is an extremely valuable component in rape seed oil which is totally lost in refining.

The success of Virgino in Finland has been very much based on the research and communication of the health benefits of Virgino oils. One of the last research projects specifically on Virgino oil was conducted by  Chief Physician Ari Palomäki, and the results presented to the scientific community at the Nordic Congress on Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, held in Hämeenlinna, Finland from 12–14th June 2008. A summary of the research can be found in English hear.

The rape seed that is grown in Finland and used in Virgino oil is the spring turnip rapeseed Brassica rapa ssp Oleifera. This is not the same species as is grown elsewhere in Europe (Brassica napus) and has a better fatty acid composition – the content of saturated fatty acids is lower. Therefore Virgino turnip rape seed oil is one of the best and healthiest food oils in the world.

Virgino oil is also absolutely GMO-free.  There are no GMO varieties of rapeseed grown in Finland or Europe in general. On the other hand all Canola rapeseed oil originating from North-America either derives from GMO varieties or is in any case contaminated with GMO. Also the rapeseed oils that are on the market in Asia are mainly from North-America. The Finnish Virgino organic cold pressed rapeseed oil offers therefore a delicious, healthy and GMO-free alternative.

Apart from the plastic bottle in the photo, Virgino is also available in glass bottles for export.