Kiantama Ltd got the ISO 22000 certificate

Kiantama Ltd. got the ISO 22000 food safety management system certification as a first berry ingredient supplier in Finland

Kiantama Ltd. has been given a certification of ISO 22000 food safety management system as a first berry ingredient supplier in Finland. Long-term work with quality development culminated to approval of food safety management system by an international certification

Kiantama Ltd. is located in Suomussalmi, northern Kainuu. The company is specialized in processing of wild berries. The wide berry product range for industrial use comprises among other things juice concentrates, IQF berries, purées, dried berries and different berry powders. Kiantama Ltd. produces also retail products under Biokia® trademark. This product group comprises sugar infused and dried berries as well as chocolate covered berries.

Certificate of quality is a proof of a company, which is committed to continuous improvement. Certificate of quality is also beneficial especially in export business, as more than 50 % of Kiantama’s turnover consists of export.

ISO 22000 is a modern operation controlling system concentrating on food safety. The purpose of it is to control food safety and methodically develop the whole company’s operation. When taking into use of the system, education was given both to thepersonnel and interest groups and subcontractors. Bureau Veritas Certification was responsible of auditing and granting of the certification.

Bureau Veritas Certification operates worldwide and it is also the most known certification body. In Finland, it has operated with certification since 1992. The company was accredited as a first certification body in the world to grant certifications according ISO 22000 food safety management system.

More information:
Managing Director Vernu Vasunta, Tel. +358 20 44 22 53 or email:

Certification Manager Matti Hukari, Tel. 040 753 5030 or email


New prodcts in the Napapiiri Organics range from Finland.

New prodcts in the Napapiiri Organics range from Finland.

Several new products from the Napapiiri Organics brand will be launched to the international market this
spring. The Sea Buckthorn and Wild Bilberry flavored Oatmeal from Helsinki Mills Ltd, The Bilberry Kissel
Dessert from Finnamyl Ltd and the range of Cold Pressed Berry Juices from Greenfinn’s Ltd will be
presented at the BioFach exhibition next week. BioFach is the most important international exhibition for
organic products and it is held in Nuerenberg, Germany next week (19th – 22nd February 2009).

Napapiiri Organics is a joint brand that was developed in the Organic Food Finland group. The brand was
developed for the international market and the range consists of organic quality products from Finland. The
main target markets are in Europe and Asia. The joint brand underlines pure, authentic and wild nature and
the special arctic conditions of the north which are considered strengths of Finnish origin. Also the true
connection to the nature that the Finns and people of the north still have with the old ageless wisdom are
present in the Napapiiri Organics brand image.

The Sea Buckthorn and Wild Bilberry flavored Oatmeal produced by Helsinki Mills Ltd is a tasty and
nutritious meal that encompasses the benefits of oats and berries.  The portion bags of the Napapiiri
Organics Oatmeal offer an easy and fast way of preparing the oatmeal by just mixing the portion bag with
hot water.

A delicious Finnish style berry snack or dessert can easily be prepared from the Bilberry Kissel portion bag
from Finnamyl Ltd. ”Kissel” is a traditional Finnish dessert which is well known also in the other Nordic
countries and Russia. It combines high energy content and the delicious taste of berries. The Kissel powder
portion bag is easy to take with you anywhere and fast to prepare.

Greenfinn’s produces the Napapiiri Organics range of juices with cold pressing which enables them to
preserve as much as possible of the beneficial properties of the berries. The 100% cold pressed juices from
Sea Buckthorn, Wild Bilberry, Mountain Cranberry, Wild Cranberry and Black Currant create a tasty and
healthy range of juices.

For more information please contact
Marja Nuora
Napapiiri Organics
gsm. 050-5862697

New companies in Organic Food Finland

Organic Food Finland is an Export Group specialised in exporting organic products from Finland. The best short way to describe our activity is that we (Erkki & Lhassan) act as outsourced organic export managers for the companies involved. We always represent the companies directly as the companies Export Manager would – we don’t trade in their products.

This makes sense because exporting organic products is a special field of activity and as a business different from the companies’ domestic business. We at OFF have long experience and deep understanding of organics and the organic market and good networks which we constantly develop. The companies benefit from this and in the end of the day also customers benefit. OFF is your contact point for organic products from Finland!

Each year we talk with new companies about joining the group. These might be organic food manufacturers who feel they should expand into export or mainstream manufacturers who think of expanding into organics. This year two new companies decided to join the group. Both happen to be on the Finnish West Coast:

Boströms Bakery is a bakery company specialised in swiss rolls, muffins, cakes and cookies for which it has highly efficient production lines. Recently they have developed organic muffins which will be the starting point for the organic export activities. The delicious muffins come in three tastes: chocolate, vanilla and lemon but more flavours can be developed as requested. The products can be marketed both as private label to retailers and as branded products.

Greenfinn’s fantastic products bring us an extension in the berry line where Maustaja with jams and Kiantama with wild berries are already represented. Greenfinn’s products are 100% cold pressed juices made from the nutrition-rich berries from Finland. Most noteworthy, Greenfinns is a pioneer in organic Sea Buckthorn which is organically farmed by them, but the range includes also wild bilberry, mountain cranberry (lingonberry), wild cranberry, black currant and aronia juices. The products will be marketed under the Napapiiri Organics brand.

8 companies participate in Organic Food Finland at the moment: please visit our web-site for more information.

Organic Oats 2007 crop

Of the organic cereals grown in Finland oats are by far the most important. According to Evira statistics organic oats was grown on 19.583 ha in Finland which is only 300 ha more than in 2006. However the total yield might be double 2006 due to the record low harvest that year. But is this enough? I am afraid not. The dynamism of the market is difficult to grasp and therefore nobody seems to know how much will enter the market. Part of the harvest is fed to animals on-farm or sold to neighbors for that purpose. Part of the crop is harvested on small farms and there is no point in transporting it over any distance. For the organic oats that does enter the market there are several buyers, some trading it to the domestic industry but most looking at the export market. Helsinki Mills is buying directly from farmers trying to capture as much of the oats as possible for processing in Finland. So the farmers situation should be quite good. The prices have increased to levels that have not been experienced before during Finland’s EU membership. Prices are up to 2,5 times higher than in 2005. So there should be an incentive for more farmers to go organic. Also conventional oats (as all cereals) price is increasing but nevertheless the price difference is a healthy 100+ €/t.

Sweden, Germany and Canada seem to have experienced average oat harvests on similar acreage as 2006. The main problem would seem to be that the market is growing strongly but production is not. We need more organic farmers. The interesting question which remains to be seen is how farmers react to this clear market signal. If farmers consider converting to organics they will naturally be wondering what the organic oats price will be in 2010. Who can tell? In the meantime we are unfortunately not able to meet the demand.

Berries in Suomussalmi

Kiantama Ltd is the berry company in the Organic Food Finland group.It is situated in Suomussalmi, which is quite far north from a Helsinki perspective but actually not even in Lapland. In August we visited Kiantama with Selina Gan, our great customer from Malaysia. And we also went berry-picking to see for ourselves what lingonberries and bilberries look like in real nature. The lingonberries were just ripe and red at the time – this was end of August – but the bilberry leaves show already the colors of autumn.

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