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Organic Food Finland has run an Export Group specialized in organic food from Finland since 2004 and currently manages the export of organic goods from four participating companies.

The following companies participate (2011-12):
• Finnamyl Ltd (organic potato flour)
• Linkosuo Bakery Ltd (organic rye crisps and rye chips)

Please contact Mr Erkki Pöytäniemi (just call me Erkki) for any further information about the companies and their products.   20090714_emsalo_12636

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  • email: erkki (at) organic-finland.com
  • tel: +358 50 550 5225


How does it work?

The easiest way to understand how the Export Group works is to say that Mr Erkki Pöytäniemi acts as Export Manager for the participating companies. He is a joint, outsourced Export Manager focusing mainly on organic products. Additionally the companies often use him as the “Organic Expert” so he might be more or less involved in the companies’ organic business planning, export strategies and product development. He often knows where the organic raw-materials and ingredients can be found and what has to be taken into account in product development in terms of organic standards or what is expected of organic products on the market. He follows the market and is aware of the trends and what is happening, he takes care of new customers and customer relations and he visits fairs and the customers and prospects. Since 2004 the Export Group has exhibited every year at BioFach together with other Finnish companies.

The Export Group is realized together with Finpro and participating SME’s receive partial funding from the Ministry of Commerce. The funding is granted for a limited number of years – therefore companies participate in the Group only for a limited time and the participating companies change over the years.

By working together the companies benefit from synergies, the most important of which relate to
• Knowledge of the organic market in Europe and outside
• Overlapping customer base
• Marketing synergies
• Product synergies

We are still closely linked with many of the companies and products that are not anymore in the Export Group. If you have questions regarding oats, wild berries, malts, potato flakes or other organic products that originate from Finland or the Nordic-Baltic region, please let me know and I might be able to help you.

Reference to earlier participating companies.


Please contact us for any further information.





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