Organic Food Finland: Lhassan moves on.

Lhassan El Farkoussi started with Organic Food Finland in April 2006. Since September 2008 he worked as the Export Manager of Organic Food Finland under my supervision developing export for the OFF group of companies. Lhassan has proved to be an excellent salesman and communicator who is always keen to manage the sales process independently from start to end – while seeking for advice when necessary. He has a remarkable rate of positively closed sales – maybe partly because of his very positive attitude.

Helsinki Mills has now reached a stage where it makes sense to hire their own Export Manager. Lhassan was a natural choice as he had already worked with Helsinki Mills’ export and created a lot of new sales. Lhassan has started as Export Manager of Helsini Mill since 1st August 2010. I wish him success in his new career.

Organic Food Finland’s cooperation to help Helsinki Mills’ internationalization and export development will also still continue.

Erkki Pöytäniemi

New prodcts in the Napapiiri Organics range from Finland.

New prodcts in the Napapiiri Organics range from Finland.

Several new products from the Napapiiri Organics brand will be launched to the international market this
spring. The Sea Buckthorn and Wild Bilberry flavored Oatmeal from Helsinki Mills Ltd, The Bilberry Kissel
Dessert from Finnamyl Ltd and the range of Cold Pressed Berry Juices from Greenfinn’s Ltd will be
presented at the BioFach exhibition next week. BioFach is the most important international exhibition for
organic products and it is held in Nuerenberg, Germany next week (19th – 22nd February 2009).

Napapiiri Organics is a joint brand that was developed in the Organic Food Finland group. The brand was
developed for the international market and the range consists of organic quality products from Finland. The
main target markets are in Europe and Asia. The joint brand underlines pure, authentic and wild nature and
the special arctic conditions of the north which are considered strengths of Finnish origin. Also the true
connection to the nature that the Finns and people of the north still have with the old ageless wisdom are
present in the Napapiiri Organics brand image.

The Sea Buckthorn and Wild Bilberry flavored Oatmeal produced by Helsinki Mills Ltd is a tasty and
nutritious meal that encompasses the benefits of oats and berries.  The portion bags of the Napapiiri
Organics Oatmeal offer an easy and fast way of preparing the oatmeal by just mixing the portion bag with
hot water.

A delicious Finnish style berry snack or dessert can easily be prepared from the Bilberry Kissel portion bag
from Finnamyl Ltd. ”Kissel” is a traditional Finnish dessert which is well known also in the other Nordic
countries and Russia. It combines high energy content and the delicious taste of berries. The Kissel powder
portion bag is easy to take with you anywhere and fast to prepare.

Greenfinn’s produces the Napapiiri Organics range of juices with cold pressing which enables them to
preserve as much as possible of the beneficial properties of the berries. The 100% cold pressed juices from
Sea Buckthorn, Wild Bilberry, Mountain Cranberry, Wild Cranberry and Black Currant create a tasty and
healthy range of juices.

For more information please contact
Marja Nuora
Napapiiri Organics
gsm. 050-5862697