Fazer Mill & Mixes and Organic Food Finland join forces

Fazer Mill & Mixes has invested in a new oat mill in Lahti, Finland. The mill has now been in operation since the summer 2013 and is one of the most modern oat mills in the world. Fazer wants to respond to the increasing demand of oats in the world by offering excellent Finnish oats. Fazer Mill & Mixes is already renowned for its high-quality rye and wheat products.

”A lot of untreated oat is exported from Finland, but we at Fazer want to add value to the oats and export ready- made products which require good professional skills” says the Director of Fazer Mill & Mixes Pekka Mäki-Reinikka.

Finland is well known as a producer of the highest quality oats. Finland also has a lot of organic farming with 9% of the arable field area certified organic with a growth of 11% per year (2012). The most popular grain in organic production in Finland is oats because it adapts well to organic farming in Nordic conditions and gives consistent high quality yields. Finland is globally one of the biggest producers of organic oats. Finland’s official target to reach 20% organic field area by 2020 gives confidence that sufficient raw-material will be available.

Fazer is one of the biggest millers of organic grain in Finland. Fazer’s goal is that a significant part of the new oat mill’s production will be certified organic for export markets. With this in mind Fazer has decided to enter into cooperation with Organic Food Finland who has a long experience in export of organic products and knows well the organic grain market and specifically the oats market. Erkki Pöytäniemi at Organic Food Finland will use his wide contact network and market knowledge to develop the export. Fazer Mill & Mixes will be exhibiting at BioFach 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany in February 2014. ”I am excited that we can offer high-quality Finnish organic oat flakes to the growing organic market in Europe and elsewhere. This is a win-win for the Finnish organic farmers, Fazer and the increasing number of demanding customers and consumers around the world.” Erkki Pöytäniemi says.

Additional information:

Mr Pekka Mäki-Reinikka, Director, Fazer Mill & Mixes, tel. +358 400 422 051

Mr Erkki Pöytäniemi, Export, Organic Food Finland, tel. +358 50 5505225

e-mail: erkki@organic-finland.com


Please contact us for any further information.


www.fazer.fi                                          www.organic-finland.com

 (Photographer: Erkki Poytaniemi)

Oat flakes and other oat products now available from Fazer Mill & Mixes.

Fazer Mill & Mixes has started a brand new Oat Mill with state-of-the-art technology in Finland in September 2013. Fazer’s oat mill represents the very latest production technology which allows us to create a wide range of high quality products. The new oat mill enables us to complement our product range with oat products but also rye and wheat flakes.

Our portfolio is primarily intended for bakeries and the food industry including oat flakes with different technical properties as well as stabilized kernels and steel cut oats. As raw material we use only Finnish oats which is available also in organically-grown. The package sizes are 10 or 20 kg paper bags and big bags (500 – 1000 kg).


Our quality portfolio of organic products comprises the following products:

  • O 2000 BIO Organic heat-treated oats
  • O 2000 SC BIO Organic steel cut oats
  • O 2000 P BIO Organic pressed oats
  • O 2000 JF BIO Organic jumbo oat flakes
  • O 2000 TF BIO Organic thick oat flakes
  • O 2000 F BIO Organic oat flakes
  • O 2000 IF BIO Organic instant oat flakes
  • Organic Wholemeal oat flour
  • Organic Oat bran
  • R 1800 P BIO Organic pressed rye
  • R 1800 F BIO Organic rye flake
  • V 1700 F BIO Organic wheat flake


Fazer Group

Fazer is an international family-owned company offering bakery, confectionery and biscuit products as well as contract catering, restaurant and café services. Fazer operates in eight countries and exports to more than 40 countries. The company’s success, ever since its establishment in 1891, has been based on the best product and service quality, beloved brands and skillful people. Fazer’s operations comply with ethical principles that are based on the Group’s values and the UN Global Compact.

The company operates in two business areas. Among Fazer Brands’ well-known delicacies are tasty baked goods and confectionery. Fazer Food Services offers good food and tailor-made services in contract catering. Fazer Group’s net sales in 2012 amounted to nearly 1.7 billion euros and the company has over 15,000 employees.

Fazer Mill & Mixes was created in 1971 on Sven Fazer’s initiative to secure the supply of flour of high quality and competitive price for Fazer’s bakeries. First, the mill delivered flour only to Fazer’s own production units, but in 1990 Fazer Mill & Mixes started sales to external customers as well as exports. This provided the mill a strong impetus for growth and since 2008 Fazer Mill & Mixes has been the largest commercial mill in Finland and the second largest one in the Nordic countries, milling wheat and rye flour.

The production of special mixes started in the 1990s and in 2003, the previous major investment was made in a new mixing plant. Fazer Mill & Mixes has grown into the biggest producer of special grain mixes (bakery mixes) in Northern Europe.

Some 15 per cent of the production of Fazer Mill & Mixes is exported. The annual milling quantities of wheat are around 100,000 tons and of rye, slightly over 50,000 tons.



Please contact us for any further information.



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BioFach again

As we all know BioFach is the most important and intensive come-together in the organic movement and industry. BioFach 2012 is approaching at a huge speed: in less than 2 weeks most of us will be heading to Nuerenberg. For me personally it is the 13th time at BioFach – my first time was in 1995 in Frankfurt. Since 1996 I have been there as an exhibitor most of the years and pretty much stuck on the Finland joint stand since 2004. This year the situation is a bit different as I have only 2 companies from the “Organic Food Finland export group” exhibiting: Finnamyl Ltd (potato starch) and Nordic Koivu (birch sap). So I decided to be on the stand only for pre-arranged meetings and walk the show for the first time in ages. Although – looking at my calendar – it seems that I will be rushing from one meeting to an other…

Finnamyl is offering certified organic potato starch to the market – including NOP certified potato starch from Aloja Starkelsen in Latvia. We actually have some stock left but we also want to discuss the future needs of our customers and start discussions for contracting the 2012 campaign.

Nordic Koivu is offering birch sap into three different channels: for retail in the beautiful 500 ml glass bottle, for the beverage industry for developing exiting new products and for the natural and organic cosmetics industry.

Finland and Sweden are together in one joint block in Hall 1 – Stand 602 between the Danish and the French. Altogether there is some 10 companies in Finnish-Swedish block which is less than for many years. It might look like a backward development but actually the biggest single reason is probably the very positive development in those countries. The manufacturers have markets closer by! In Finland the organic market value grew over 50% in 2011 and we expect strong growth to continue through 2012.

See you all at BioFach!

Food Ingredients Europe and Natural Ingredients 29.11.-1.12.2011

FI Europe is recognised as the world’s best platform for making and maintaining contacts in the food ingredients industry. This year FIE will be held in Paris on 29th November to 1st December. For years also organic ingredients have been presented at FIE at the special Organic Pavilion where also organic potato starch from Aloja Starkelsen and Finnamyl is presented on stand  3D82 (or look for Aloja Starkelsen SIA in the Catalogue). Contact me [erkki(at)organic-finland.com] to schedule a meeting or just come and meet us on the stand.  

For further information please check our previous posting: Availability of organic potato starch secured from the Baltic-Nordic region. 

Availability of organic potato starch is secured from the Baltic-Nordic region.

(Press Release)

In the past years the availability of organic potato starch has been insufficient on the European market. This has created a bottleneck for some processed organic products where potato starch would be the natural choice ingredient. Now Aloja Starkelsen Ltd in Latvia – a subsidiary of Swedish Culinar Ltd – and Finnish Finnamyl Ltd have entered into cooperation for expanding organic potato starch production and market. Culinar in Sweden and Latvia together with Finnamyl in Finland represent about one third of the total production of organic potato starch in Europe. The production will be further increased in Latvia and Finland in the coming years securing a reliable long-term source for processors in need of organic potato starch. The native potato starch is available certified both to EU organic standards and to NOP standards for the US market.   20110811-latvia-15527

Potato starch has applications in many food products including soups and sauces, canned food, noodles and pasta, bakery products and processed meat products among others.

The organic potato starch will be presented at Culinar’s stand in the Organic Pavilion of Food Ingredients Exhibition (FIE stand 3D82 in Hall 3) in Paris on 30.11. to 1.12. and at Finnamyl’s stand in BioFach in Nuremberg in February 2012.

The sales of the organic potato starch from both Culinar and Finnamyl is taken care of by Organic Food Finland who has been responsible for sales of organic potato starch from Finnamyl since 2003. Mr Erkki Pöytäniemi at Organic Food Finland has a long experience in international organic business and export. His contact details can be found below or you can use the contact form.


Mr Erkki Pöytäniemi
tel: +358 50 5505225
email: erkki (at) organic-finland.com

Organic Food Finland: Lhassan moves on.

Lhassan El Farkoussi started with Organic Food Finland in April 2006. Since September 2008 he worked as the Export Manager of Organic Food Finland under my supervision developing export for the OFF group of companies. Lhassan has proved to be an excellent salesman and communicator who is always keen to manage the sales process independently from start to end – while seeking for advice when necessary. He has a remarkable rate of positively closed sales – maybe partly because of his very positive attitude.

Helsinki Mills has now reached a stage where it makes sense to hire their own Export Manager. Lhassan was a natural choice as he had already worked with Helsinki Mills’ export and created a lot of new sales. Lhassan has started as Export Manager of Helsini Mill since 1st August 2010. I wish him success in his new career.

Organic Food Finland’s cooperation to help Helsinki Mills’ internationalization and export development will also still continue.

Erkki Pöytäniemi

Organic Finnish food served at BioFach 17.–20.2.2010

Press Release 12.2.2010
Organic Finnish food served at BioFach 17.–20.2.2010
BioFach in Nuremberg, Germany, is the world’s leading exhibition for organic products. Finnish companies have joined forces with other Nordic countries to exhibit their products at a joint pavilion. The “Nordic Organics” area will also include an organic kitchen and restaurant hosted by the Finnish Ambassador Chef Kim Palhus.
“We will serve the best examples of Finnish organic food in the Nordic restaurant”, says Mr Kim Palhus, Ambassador Chef of Finland and the Chef of the Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre. “Everything will be prepared with pure Nordic ingredients. Despite the cold winter season, our Finnish kitchen boasts clean and savoury ingredients like root vegetables as well as grain and berry products and many other organic products of the Finnish BioFach-exhibitors. I’m happy to help promote the New Nordic Kitchen as well as the export and marketing efforts of Finnish organic food producers.”
Finnish organic food is among the best of the world
“All the Finnish companies joining the Nordic pavilion at BioFach are devoted and energetic advocates of organic products focussing on the development of their products and their activities. They are small and middle-sized companies who formed an export group”, says the CEO and Export Director of Organic Food Finland, Mr Erkki Pöytäniemi.
Organic Food Finland is an export group managing the overseas selling of organic goods from nine participating companies. Their trade volume to Nordic countries, Western Europe and the Far East amounts to nearly four million Euros.
The yearly export of Finnish organic goods totals some 14 million Euros. Grain is the most important product. About 6.5 per cent of the Finnish field area is currently certified as organic with the proportion being on the rise. Finland is among the three biggest producers of organic oats in Europe. The yield of organic oats and wheat is higher than needed for national consumption. The Finnish export of organic oats is among the highest in the world with prices being very competitive. Organic oats is exported increasingly in the form of flakes.
Come and see the unforgettable Nordic pavilion
For the first time at Biofach the Nordic expertise in organic production is presented on this scale. “The Nordic cooperation started last year with Finland and Sweden having a common stand. After long negotiations we also got Denmark and Norway to join us. Denmark is one of the most important organic producers in Europe and together all the four countries are set to make an impact”, says the Finnish representative of BioFach, Mr Arto Varanki from Spokesman Events Oy, who coordinates the Nordic pavilion and the Finnish participation.
“The Nordic pavilion is an excellent approach for Finnish companies to present themselves to international markets and to network with visitors and other exhibitors. For BioFach visitors the Nordic pavilion is a unique concept well worth visiting, particularly with its magnificent kitchen and restaurant offering top quality organic goods”, Varanki points out.
BioFach is now in its 2ist year. Last year it brought together 2,733 exhibitors and 46,771 trade visitors from 119 countries.
The Finnish exhibitors welcome journalists to their stands (joint stand 1-410 and Viiniverla stand 4A-415) as well as to the Nordic kitchen and restaurant (stand 1-604).
For further information please contact:
Mr Erkki Pöytäniemi, Organic Food Finland, +358 50 550 5225, erkki@organic-finland.com
Mr Arto Varanki, Spokesman Events Oy, +358 40 544 5598, arto.varanki@spokesman.fi
Kim Palhus, Hanasaari, +358 40 484 8123, kim.palhus@hanaholmen.fi
The Finnish Exhibitors at BioFach 2010:
E. Boström Ltd, Annika Boström, +358 40 5462888, www.bostrom.fi
– organic muffins
Greenfinn’s Ltd, Kari Saari, +358 6 861 2540, www.greenfinns.com
– organic 100 % juices from Nordic berries
Helsinki Mills Ltd, Ulla Heiskanen, + 358 9 2716 9225, www.helsinginmylly.fi
– organic flour and flakes
Keskisen Mylly Ltd, Markku Vitikainen, +358 3 471 6532, www.keskisenmylly.fi
– organic buckwheat pasta and other buckwheat products
Kiantama Ltd, Annikki Kyllönen, +358 201 442 251, www.kiantama.fi
– organic Nordic berries
Napapiiri Organics, Marja Nuora, +358 50 586 2697, www.napapiiri-organics.com
– organic jams
Nordic Koivu Ltd, Susanna Maaranen, + 358 40 523 7348, www.nordickoivu.com
– organic Nordic birch sap for consumers and industry
Viiniverla Ltd, Juha Kuronen, +358 40 530 9224, www.viiniverla.fi
– organic berry wines
– stand nr 415 is situated in hall 4A
Virgino Ltd, Perttu Korolainen, +358 750 0300 100, www.virgino.fi
– organic cold pressed rape seed oil

BIOFACH again!

Again one organic year has passed and BioFach is approaching fast. For anybody working in international organic business a year is not the calendar year, it is counted from BioFach to BioFach on week 7 in February. So I presume many of you reading this blog are also heading to BioFach and I hope to meet you there!

This year Organic Food Finland is back in Hall 1 (stand 410) and the Nordic cooperation has been expanded. You will find us under the “Nordic Organics” banner together with Denmark and Sweden. The Nordic countries do have some things in common so cooperation is natural. Organic Food Finland will be in one block and 10 companies are exhibiting – or actually everyone in the group. Feel free to contact myself or Lhassan for arranging a meeting there (email: info@organic-finland.com). Or you can just pop in to see what is new from Organic Finland.

An exciting part of the Nordic cooperation is the Nordic Kitchen and Restaurant we will have on the Nordic Organics stand area. The restaurant will focus on showcasing the New Nordic Cuisine (Ny Nordisk Mat) and of course the products of the Nordic exhibitors. At lunch time there will be lunch served so this is an excellent place in the middle of a busy day when you get hungry. Apart from the staff chefs who are preparing delicious Nordic food, Finland’s Ambassador Chef Kim Palhus will be present and showcase New Nordic Cuisine “version Finland” – of course using raw-materials from our exhibitors as much as possible. So be sure to be there on Wednesday or Thursday for a treat!

Finland, the prime source of pure organic food

When talking about farming in Finland we always like to point out that FInland is the northern-most country to be self-sufficient in basic food-stuffs. Finns have survived in these harsh conditions through history and so have our cultivated plants and our animals. But actually the summers are not harsh at all, they are quite nice although a little short. On the other hand the sun shines around the clock and plants just keep growing.

It is the winters that were difficult for the people and animals in the old times – and still are for the pests. Finland is a country which is pure in nature and sparsely populated and where pests are killed by the winters. Therefore Finns consider Finnish food to be practically organic as it is. Of course this is not quite true. To be organic a farmer needs to follow the organic farming method f.ex. not using chemical fertilizers or pesticides and the farm must be certified. And actually quite a few are: 6,5% of the Finnish field area is certified organic – whcih is one of the highest figures in the world. On top of that Finland has the largest area of certified organic picking area for wild organic berries – 7 million hectares!


So what kind of organic products can you expect to find from Finland? For organics the most important line of production is grain. Finland is one of the biggest producers of organic oats and is well known for the excellent quality of its oats. Oats are a highly recommended part of a diet as it is one of the few products with an EFSA-accepted (European Food Safety Authority) health claim. Oat bran is becomming more and more of a hype in many markets. Finland also produces high quality spring wheat and rye. Finland has a rich bread culture combining western and eastern influences and the tradition of sour rye bread is still alive and well. It can be found as fresh bread in many forms as well as dried flat-bread. Rye flatbread has been one of the biggest succes stories for organic exports from Finland. Other cereal based products are f.ex. organic muffins and rye crisps and rye chips. Also Finnish wheat is of excellent quality.


The fruits of Finland are our berries. Both wild and cultivated. When we in Finland say wild berries, we really mean wild berries growing in the nature and hand-picked without any manipulation of the environment. There are several eadible berries growing in the wild of which the commercially most important are blilberry – also called blueberry – (Vaccinium myrtillus) and lingonberry (V. vitis-idaea) followed by cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus), cranberry (V. oxycoccos) and crowberry (Empetrum nigrum). Black curant and other currants are the most important cultivated berries while strawberry is cultivated for the fresh-market. Sea buckthorn is found wild on the coast-line but also cultivated. It is fair to say that fruits are extremily healthy and in particular the berries from the north are even more healthy. Generally wild berries are healthier than cultivated berries. They have lower yield but higher content of beneficial substancies. F.ex. wild bilberries have multiple times more healthy substancies compared to the cultivated varities. Lingonberry is expected to become the next superberry. Organic berries are available in many forms: frozen, concentrates, dried etc for the industry or made into consumer products like juices and jams for the consumer or even more sophisticated – sparkling wines and liqueurs.



There is an abundance of other organic products from Finland always building on the qualities of the pure nature, rich tradition or modern technology or a combination of all. Birch sap is linked to the nature and traditional medicine while rape seed oil has proven health benefits and the berry dessert ”kiisseli” is a traditional food that in its modern format is an excellant product for hikers who need to carry their food with them to the wilderness.

Nordic Koivu web-site and News Feed

Nordic Koivu Ltd who recently joined the Organic Food Finland Export Group has a very informative web-site which is definitely worth visiting. The company is the worlds leading producer of birch sap and the only one who is able to give a long shelf-life to 100% pure bottled birch sap. The product has not been heated and does not contain any additives or preservatives. Check also the news feed. The most recent articles are

– New premises for Nordic Koivu Ltd
– Expert recommendation to use Nordic Koivu birch sap for sports applications
– Birch sap’s effect on birch pollen allergies
– Increasing demand of birch sap amongst industry

New year for Organic Food Finland

We are enjoying the last weeks of this summer and soon entering September. Again we have a few new companies joining Organic Food Finland. Let me present them shortly here – we will post more information later and of course update the www.organic-finland.com web-site.

Nordic Koivu in Eastern Finland produces a really unique product that is both refreshing and healthy: Birch Sap – which in many parts of the world is considered herbal medicine. The product is well known everywhere where the birch grows naturally, i.e. most of the temperate parts of the northern hemisphere. Usually birch sap is consumed fresh in the spring when it can be harvested from the birches. Birch sap is highly perishable and even in a refrigerator you can keep it only for a few days. Usually bottlers use preservatives or heat treatment but Nordic Koivu has developed a method for bottling the birch sap without any preservatives (nothing added) or heat treatment. So the product retains its full quality.

ViiniVerla is an other “one of it’s kind”: the only organic winery in Finland. There are about 25 wineries in Finland, i.e. farms that produce alcoholic drinks of berries and apple. Grapes don’t grow in Finland – apart from some enthusiasts back yards in Southern Finland. In the Finnish wine competitions ViiniVerla has faired very well and personally I am a fan of the sparkling wines and the liqueurs, especially cranberry and cloudberry. This is certainly something you should taste!

Keskinen Mills‘ in Central Finland is a small mill specialised in gluten-free buckwheat. The buckwheat is grown in the region around the mill. The main products are flour for the gluten-free bakeries and organic buckwheat pasta. So this is something for both the organic and gluten-free market – which in some countries are somewhat merged. Keskinen Mills’ guarnatees that no grain gets mixed with the buckwheat and therefor celiac patients can safely consume their products.