Organic Food Finland is a trade name that was created in 2004 when Erkki Pöytäniemi started as a joint export manager for 5 Finnish companies that wanted to develop export of organic products. Since then Erkki has been involved in developing organic food exports with over 20 companies – mostly in Finland, and a few in Latvia. Over the years he has worked with very different types of food manufacturing companies and customers in the organic business as well as industry associations in Finland and internationally. Thereby he has developed a thorough understanding of the organic food market, export business and even challenges in organic food NPD and has been able to help several companies successfully enter the market.

Erkki has a M.Sc. in Agronomy and has always been a keen advocate of organic farming as the most sustainable way to produce food in small or big scale. For more information have a look at his LinkedIn profile.

Currently Erkki is working as an export manager in 2 companies:

  • Fazer Mills
    • Erkki was one of the first persons to develop organic milled oats (mainly oat flakes) export from Finland since 2001. He has a deep understanding of the oats value chain in Finland and globally and is involved in oat product exports to Europe, Asia and North America.
    • For more information about oat products from Fazer Mills, contact Erkki (see below) or visit the Fazer Mills web-site.
  • Finnamyl Ltd
    • In 2003 Erkki started working with Finnamyl Ltd for developing organic potato starch exports. Since then he has acquired vast knowledge about potato starch production, markets and applications where it is used.
    • For more information about organic potato starch from Finnamyl Ltd, contact Erkki (see below) or visit the Finnamyl Ltd web-site.

Other tasks:

  • Kääpä Biotech
    • Kääpä Biotech is a Finnish biotechnology company committed to healthier humans and ecosystems. The company researches, innovates and develops novel industry solutions with Fungi.
    • Advisory Board Member

Please contact Erkki with the form below or through LinkedIn.

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